Hons Multifunctional 8-level RGB Full Coffee Bean Color Sorter Large Capacity

Sorting Materials:Nuts: peanuts/ground nut/cashew nuts/walnut meat/pine nutsRice: white/black/red/yellow/barley riceBeans: soybeans/mungbeans/red beans/broad beansWheat: buck wheat/quinoaCorn: corn particles/white corn/ ellowcorn/black cornDry food: dry onion/ raisins/dried chilliSeeds: sunflower seeds/ rice seeds/ vegetable see

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Sorting Materials:

Nuts: peanuts/ground nut/cashew nuts/walnut meat/pine nuts

Rice: white/black/red/yellow/barley rice

Beans: soybeans/mungbeans/red beans/broad beans

Wheat: buck wheat/quinoa

Corn: corn particles/white corn/ ellowcorn/black corn

Dry food: dry onion/ raisins/dried chilli

Seeds: sunflower seeds/ rice seeds/ vegetable seeds

Industrial materials: plastic/scrap metal/ broken galss/ coal/ore/slag/Waste Plastics, Plastic pellet, Plastic pieces, Plastic granule, Plastic bottle cap flake, PET bottle scrap, ABS plastic flake, PP plastic scrap, Recycled plastic

Parameters of our S-8 CCD Color Sorter:
Model6SXM-504 (CCD)
Capacity (T/H)5.0~6.0
Voltage (V)AC 220V/50HZ
Power (Kw)≤4.5
Weight (Kg)1800 (±5%)
Dimension (L*W*H mm)3152*1595*2040
* The difference between the models is mainly due to the internal operating system and some accessories.
Machine features
1. Single machine can be applied to rice,grains,cash crops and orther applications, provide maximum value of product and beat convenience of massive database for customer.
2. Automatically collecting hyper space data such as color, shape, size and defect to achieve accurate acquisition of raw material features.
3. Intelligent self checking syatem realizes one-key system upgrade and provides the best operation experience.
4. High speed three-line scanning CCD sensor54millin pixel*3,reach0.2mm*0.2mm.
5. Start-up self checking of system can achieve real-time monitoring of machine components, automatically judagement and troubleshooting to ensure the normal operation of color sorter.

6.The internatinal top-leve; cloud processing qwith incomparablle arithmetic capability and perfect program design creat a new era of large data.

Sorting performance
Hons+ Multiple Function 8 Chutes RGB Full Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine High CapacityHons+ Multiple Function 8 Chutes RGB Full Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine High Capacity

      Hons+ Multiple Function 8 Chutes RGB Full Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine High Capacity                                                                                                                                                           
Why Choose Hons+:
1. Over 10 years experience which focus on sorter machine. One of the most advanced manufacturer in Hefei, Anhui.
2. After-Sales service guarantee: We have a professional after sales service team, one-to-one customer service to help customers install and debug.We have service station over Southeast Asia, co-operate re-seller in more than 50 countries.
3. Quality assurance of raw materials: the raw material we purchase are certified qualified products.
4. Quality process assurance: We have been authorized by CE & ISO quality management system, each process of production are under strictly standard.
5. System test: Our technical engineers check the product performance, even every part is subjected to rigorous aging test to ensure that the factory products would being in full compliance with customer requirements.
6. Shipping guarantee: We have professional packaging operation team, independent export qualification to ensure product safety and stability to reach customers in the hands.
Hons+ Multiple Function 8 Chutes RGB Full Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine High Capacity
Add.: No.2 Yan'an Road, Baohe Industrial Area, Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Website: honscolorsorter.en.made-in-china.com


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